Jual PAL ACID ATAGO Meter Murah Jakarta 087883373726
The PAL-ACID Pocket Acidity Meters measure the total acidity in fruit juices. Citric acid is the predominant acid type in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and pears. Tartaric acid is the predominant acid type in grapes. Other acids, such as malic acid, are also present.
The PAL-ACID measures the total acidity in sample and converts it into citric and tartaric acid concentrations. The units measure the total acidity in sample and convert it into citric or tartaric acid concentrations respectively. The PAL-ACID1 measures in the citric acid scale, and the PAL-ACID2 in the tartaric acid scale.

Based on the study of ergonomics, we relentlessly pursued “usability” and “simplicity”. We successfully developed a well-shaped refractometer by evolving the “elongated” optical system that was unbalanced and hard to put samples. While committed in offering “comfortable grip”, we evolved the design to what the PAL is now in which “user friendliness” has been recognized by various awards including the Good Design Awards. PAL has swept other industrial and technological awards and continues to be featured in magazines and TV programs.

Jual PAL ACID ATAGO Meter Murah Jakarta 087883373726
Impeccable Configuration Created by Asymmetry
Inside the world’s smallest body is the world’s first and world’s best technologies. Various curvatures outlined by the casing, panel sheet, sample stage, etc. are in perfect harmony that resonates functional beauty. The ultimate feature is the functionality that can be accomplished by the use of only two buttons. By eliminating all unnecessary extras and trimming down to the bare essentials, the construction that resembles the body like a trained boxer allows one to hold PAL in one hand and use only the thumb to calibrate and measure.

Fitting in Your Palm to a Tee
Universal design for both hands. A design that offers flexibility to accommodate both right- or left-handed access that will make you want to use it every day. When it is in the palm of your hand, it gives an extraordinary comfortable fit. In the human hand, muscle, joint and bone collaborate in complexity in the movement. The underlining pursuit in this undeveloped instrument was that of user-friendliness. Using ergonomics as a baseline for appearance and external dimensions, it led to the beauty of golden ratio.

This kit comes complete with 10 bottles of quinone reagent solutions (5ml each), a micropipette, 10 micropipette tips, 10 disposable plastic pipettes, 1 bottle of calibration solution, and 2 AAA batteries.

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Jual PAL ACID ATAGO Meter Murah Jakarta 087883373726

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