JUAL VISCOQC 300 MURAH DI BOJONEGORO 085781885718, With the launch of the ViscoQC 300, Anton Paar’s visco-professionals launched an equally compact top instrument whose capabilities are modularly expandable, which enables multi-point measurements, and which meets the highest pharmaceutical demands.

Cough syrup is a viscous challenge, says Patricia Gejer. “After swallowing, it has to wet the surface sustainably, but the force during swallowing must not make it solid,” says the product manager for rotational viscometers at Anton Paar. Viscosity measurement is also the method of choice for the quality control of shower gel. If you cannot or do not want to use a process sensor, you might use a tabletop device. And this is where Anton Paar is mixing up the market this year: In spring, the ViscoQC 100 was introduced, now the ViscoQC 300 follows as the top model of the rotational viscometer series. Like its predecessor, the ViscoQC 300 has a digital assistant for automatic checking of the exact instrument alignment, the magnetic spindle coupling, the Toolmaster system for automatic spindle recognition, and the automatic speed search function (TruMode) as a measuring aid for unknown samples with different viscosities, and much more.

JUAL VISCOQC 300 MURAH DI BOJONEGORO 085781885718,¬† New compared to the entry-level model ViscoQC 100 are the bright 7″ touch display, the user and user group management, the built-in data memory for measurement methods and results and above all two software packages. “V-Comply” is aimed at pharmaceutical users. “V-Curve,” on the other hand, enables the graphical tracking of live measurement data, the programming of up to 50 measurement steps, analysis using mathematical models and the determination of the yield point – the force at which a material begins to flow, explains product specialist Gejer. The analysis of the time-dependent viscosity curve is also possible with the ViscoQC 300 and is important for samples that harden over time. The determination of flow curves makes it possible, for example, to characterize samples that become “thinner,” according to product manager Gejer. “Shear-thinning” effects, such as those that occur with shower gel or ketchup, are no problem for the measuring instrument.

For precise, repeatable analyses, 21 spindles and measuring bodies are available – from vane stirrers for paste-like materials such as peanut butter to disposable beakers for measurements with classic DIN spindles. For more comfortable operation, users can connect a mouse, keyboard, and even a barcode reader. The device communicates in eleven languages. JUAL VISCOQC 300 MURAH DI BOJONEGORO 085781885718

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