JUAL 9552-20D DO ELECTRODE JABODETABEK 087883373726, 9552-20D Field DO Electrode (2 m) with integrated temperature sensor 5402 DO tip. 9552-20D Field DO Electrode (2 m) with integrated temperature sensor 5402 DO tip

JUAL 9552-20D DO ELECTRODE JABODETABEK 087883373726, For field use, immersible, 2 m cable, Operates with replaceable DO tip 5402 and built-in temperature sensor and Waterproof.


Dissolved Oxygen Range 0 to 20.00 mg/L
Temperature Range 0 to 50 ┬░C
Temperature Sensor Integrated
Response Time 30 seconds (90% response time at constant temperature)
Connectors BNC, phono jack
Cable Length 2 m
Overall Length 165 mm
Diameter 30 mm
Replacement DO Tip 5402. JUAL 9552-20D DO ELECTRODE JABODETABEK 087883373726

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